Code of Conduct

North Wellington Football Club is a member of New Zealand and Capital Football. We are held to New Zealand Footballs Code of Conduct. A copy of which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Within that North Wellington has set out a basic Code of Conduct which we expect all North Wellington Players, Coaches and Supporters to follow:

Sport teaches kids much more about life than simply how to kick a ball. It’s nice to win games, but it’s not the be all and end all. We are trying to teach kids life lessons through the medium of sport, and supporters play an essential role in that. We ask that all supporters adhere to this sideline code of conduct:

  • Be positive: players never intentionally play poorly. It is never appropriate or useful to berate a player during the game. You should supply enthusiastic support throughout each match.
  • Support the whole team: not just your child. It is not appropriate for supporters to coach from the sideline. Often instructions given by parents to their players can conflict with the system the coach is trying to implement.
  • Never criticise referees: they have a difficult job and are generally fair in their calls. If you think you can do better, step up and volunteer!
  • Attend training: it is important for players to regularly attend training sessions and matches. Please have your child at the field on time for all activities and prepared to play, with the proper gear. If you cannot make a game or training for any reason, please try to give your coach/team manager as much notice as possible.
  • Model respectful behavior: for your child by refusing to tolerate negative personal statements about other players, parents, coaches, or anyone else.

For more information, or for any concerns you may have about a coach, a referee or a spectator, please refer to the NZ Football Code of Conduct.

“The only team that needs to win trophies is the first team. The youth team don’t need to win, they just need to make their players better… so in the end you have not just a complete football player, but a person who is good for others”. Dennis Bergkamp 

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