Festival Day's - Premier Football Assessment days

Trials/Festival Day’s 2022

At North Wellington Junior Football Club we want to ensure that every player has a great football experience in 2022. Our focus for all players in the junior club is to have fun with their friends (old and new) and also develop and learn new skills.

From 11th grade up we are place two teams (streamed teams) into a more competitive grade offered by capital football. To ensure be do the best job possible we hold festival days in advance of the 2022 season. You need to register in advance for the festival days, so we know how many players to be prepared for.

At these festival days the players will be organised into groups of players and have the opportunity to a few fun activities and play a few small sided games to showing us how much they are learning, how they work with others and their commitment and attitude. We will also talk to the players coaches from last year to understand how the players attitude and effort was last season.

We will then select up to 2 teams per grade from grade 11 up. 

As mentioned above this is a very challenging process and we will do our best. The good news is that we will do this every year to ensure we are seeing how all players develop each season. The even better news is that no matter where your son or daughter players we will be working hard to ensure every player has the best possible experience at the club this season.

No streamed team is closed and at any time during the season players could be added to this team if the club deems that a player could benefit from a change. In any of these instances the Director of Football will make these decisions.

Expectations of Streamed team players

If your child is offered a place in their grade’s streamed teams following the trials, by accepting a place they are expected to:

  • Attend all Practices – Dates & Times to be decided by Coach.
  • Playing Games that may be outside the central Wellington area (i.e. Kapiti and Wairarapa)
  • Be avaiable to attend 1x Central league fixture to supply Ball boys & run a BBQ during the game. (All Ball boys will be able to attend the after match & have dinner with the team). All teams will be given a Home game on a roster basis with plenty of time to planning.
  • Be available to attend Tournaments (These happen at various dates during the season).

Registration for 2022 are open & close 14th April. The regualr season will commence 7th/8th May with a later end date due to the delayed start.

Please contact the Assistant Club Manager with any questions.

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