Junior Gear Swap - Boots & Shin Pads.

The Club have a large amount of donated Boots & shin pads for swapping or if you need a pair of boots then feel free to take a pair. 

There will be a number of days we will have the HUB open for members to come along to Donate or Take these items before the season begins.

The sizes we have at the moment are listed below:


  • 12C 4x Pairs
  • 13C 3x Pairs
  • 1Y 5x Pairs
  • 2Y 1x Pair
  • 4Y 1x Pair
  • 5Y 4x Pairs
  • 5.5Y Futsal Shoes 1x Pair
  • 11.5 Senio/Youth 1x Pair

Shin Pads

  • 1st kicks 2x Sets
  • Junior 3x Sets
  • Youth/Senior 1x Set

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