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All North Wellington Programmes are hosted by our Head Junior Coach and  Assistant Club Manager Hugo Barber-Dale.  Our team of coaches are experienced in programme delivery, focusing on using the game as a teacher to ensure that kids have fun, see success and develop their skills. 

The Club's team of coaches are made up of Senior and Youth players who have committed to giving back to the Club.  They are all part of our Coach Development Pathway and are working through NZF/OFC Coaching qualifications.  They are all passionate about helping develop the next generation of North Wellington Footballers.

All of our programmes follow New Zealand Football guidelines and best practice. 

At North Wellington, football is no longer just a Winter sport. We offer a range of programmes across all 4 school terms and school holidays, catering to all kids 4-15 regardless of skill level. Our goal is to use the medium of sport to help develop kids as people. We are looking to instill a lifelong love for the game. The key for us is to always have fun while we learn to work together.  We understand that development is a personal process and we make sure to take the time to focus on the individual within a team environment.

First Kicks (FK) U4-U6 

This programme is aimed at introducing our youngest members of the Club to the wonderful world of football and introducing them to the skills that they will use throughout their time in the game.  The environment is set up to be fun and inclusive, with as much time on the ball as possible.

First Kicks Term Programme - We offer First Kicks training sessions, during the off season (Terms 1 and 4) to introduce our youngest players to the sport.  These sessions follow a formula of skill based games, to introduce children to the movements, basic skills that they will use throughout their footballing life. 

The sessions are focused on having fun, light hearted competition and including everyone. 

We want to make sure the kids are having so much fun they don’t realise they are learning! 

First Kicks Winter Season - We offer an 18 week winter season from April to September for this age group, located at Alex Moore Park. For more information regarding the First Kicks winter season go here

Fun Football (FF) U7-U8  

This Programme is aimed at introducing/advancing the learnings from First Kicks.  It is designed in a way which enables players to start at this step while continuing to be engaging for kids who have completed the First Kicks Programme. We continue the formula of skill based games to encourage the love for learning, and to reinforce the learnings and set them up for their continued success in the game. 

Fun Football Term Programme - We offer our Fun Football Term programme in all 4 school terms throughout the year. These sessions follow a formula of skill based games, to encourage fun and develop learnings from the FK programme. Sessions can be advanced or regressed to ensure all participants achieve success, while remaining challenging enough to continue stimulus. Players who have not completed the FK programme can join in and will be monitored to help them develop their skills at their own individual rate.  

Fun Football Winter Season - We offer an 18 week winter season from April to September for this age group, located at Alex Moore Park. For more information regarding the Fun Football Winter season go here

Skill Centre (SC) U9-U12 

This programme is aimed at developing players skills in the "Skills Acquisition" phase of development.  The focus of these sessions is to continue to use the game as the teacher. The Key focus remains on having fun, and reinforcing the idea that learning football is fun.  We may include skill based drills within sessions to help explain an idea before bringing it into a game environment. 

Sessions are catered around players skills, to ensure that all participants are getting challenged, while experiencing success for their level. Participants will do sessions with a range of coaches and other participants. 

Players have the option of attending one or two sessions per week, and the learnings in these sessions will complement their team trainings during the winter season.




School Holiday Programmes 

Next Programme Dates:

Term 3 Holiday Programme 2023 - 03/10/2023-05/10/2023

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