Street Football

Summer Street Football

Gutted that football is over for another season? Looking to keep fit over Summer? North Wellington FC is offering a "Street Football" programme for 6 weeks in November and December 2023.

The programme will be hosted on Alex Moore Artificial on Friday afternoon/evenings. 

Opening round Friday 10th of November, Final Round Friday 15th of December.


Junior Leagues (ages 4-9) 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Youth Leagues (ages 10-15) 5:45pm-6:45pm 

Open Leagues (age 16+) 7:00pm-8:00pm

Cost - $90 per player

Open Leagues (ages 16+) - Team Registration - $300

You are playing on turf... why is it called Street Football? 

  • Street Football is a term for a game that has no referees and no coaches.
  • You manage your own substitutes.
  • The two teams agree on their set of rules. 
  • Exactly like when you were kids playing at school, in the backyard or of course on the street.

Surely you have to have some rules? 

  • Pitch size 22m x 30m (approx.) 
  • 2 small goals at either end
  • No goal keepers (we are using small goals, keepers aren’t required) 
  • Kick in for restarts 
  • When a goal is scored the conceding team kicks off from their own goal line
  • 12 minute halves (indicated by an Air Horn)
  • 1 minute half time (indicated by an Air Horn)
  • Team Numbers
  • Have fun - this is the most important rule, we play football to have fun.
  • Support everyone, not just your team


Junior grade 7 players per team

Youth grade 6 players per team

Open League 5 players per team

Frequently asked questions 

Can I play in a team with my friends? Fantastic, when registering for the competition, please enter in your team name (if you have one already) and/or the names of the other players you wish to be grouped up with. When we are allocating teams we will make sure you are placed together.

I don't have anyone to make a team with? No problem, when you sign up, please leave the note section blank or note, needs to be placed in a team on your registration form. We will place you in a team with players of a similar age to you within the same grade. - this is an awesome way for you to get to meet new people. 

Do I have to sign up with North Wellington to play? We do ask you to complete a registration form to sign up for the competition. This is so we can capture medical information, emergency contact details etc. However you do not have to be a regular player of North Wellington to join. 

What if my team is from different age groups? Sign up and indicate that these are the teammates you want to play with, and we will work with you to find out what division would be best for your group

What happens if you don't have enough teams for the competition? We will notify you, and arrange for a full refund of your subscription cost. 

Why don't we have coaches or referees? 

For the Junior/Youth Leagues we will have club representatives present to ensure that participants are safe. and to help with any issues that may arise.

We are firm believers that sport is a fantastic medium for helping children grow as people it can teach life lessons such as:

  • How to work together
  • Building resilience 
  • Making sure everyone’s voice is heard
  • Problem solving
  • Bravery
  • Collaboration 
  • Teamwork 
  • Organisation 


We feel that sometimes kids are over coached/managed and we want to give them the space to find out things on their own, We want to get out of the mindset, that everything needs to be structured. A huge amount of learning in football comes from trying things and trusting their instincts 

Why do you have a team option for Seniors but not younger grades?

Based on feedback we have recieved RE the Open Senior League we have made the decision to allow team registrations in the open senior league to make this offering more attractive to more social players of all ages.

These teams will self manage more than the Junior/Youth sides. - The team organiser for each side should be the one to register the team and act as the team contact, collection of funds from the other players is at the discression of the team organiser,

These games will be self run requiring less NW staff on hand to assist which results in us having lower over heads over the younger divisions. 



to register for Street Football click here 

registrations close Friday 27th of October 2023 

Registrations for Street Football are under programmes and term 4 

To Find out more Contact:

Hugo Barber-Dale

Assistant Club Manager

Sign up to... North Wellington Football Club