Talent Development Programme 2022 - U17's

Having two great Clubs working together has been very beneficial in creating much bigger pool of talented players.
With a view of keeping as many of these players involved in the TDP as possible, and after receiving feedback from parents, we have decided to increase the number of players in each of the TDP grades.
The goal is to have as many as 30 players in each training group. This would enable us to select two teams for each grade, one to compete in the TDP league, and one in Capital ‘A’ league. These teams would not be selected through trials at the start of the season, but would instead be selected on the weekly basis.
This approach would ensure that every player has a chance of playing in TDP team during the season. The selection criteria would be based around three main and equally important factors: playing ability, commitment to training, attitude at training.
This selection philosophy should also ensure greater desire to learn and improve, as well as increased motivation to be as best as one can be at every training session.
It is quite possible that the players for these two teams don’t change at all during the season, but that would be down to weekly assessments of the three factors, rather than selection at the start of the season.
Although, having bigger TDP squads is our goal, it will only be done if we have enough players with a high level of technical ability. We cannot jeopardize quality of our program for the sake of having more players involved.
The selection for TDP will be done during the weeks in February. The coaches will use this time to assess technical abilities, and general attitude at training.

In this phase of player development,the coaching focus shifts from teaching the ‘Core Skills’, to teaching the four ‘Main moments’ in Football game. After going through skill acquisition phase, the players are introduced to specifics of different moments within a course of the game.

The four ‘Main Moments’ are:

Key Principle Controlled Possession -Build up play Incisive Possession -penetration into the middle and final third Combination Play in the middle and final third Individual Play to create goal scoring opportunities Press the ball immediately Prevent forward passing Quickly into defending positions Win the ball back as close to the opponent’s goal as possible Deny time and space Limit goal scoring opportunities Quick forward passing and movement Quickly into attacking positions

These four ‘Main Moments’ and the Key Principles are coached in line with NZ Football philosophy and playing model.ONW TDP training is structured so it covers one of thekey principlesin every training session.ONW coaches are committed to developing young footballers that can play a proactive, effective, controlled and incisive possession-based style of football (NZ Football playing philosophy). This commitment will be reflected in our training methodology which focuses on achieving high levelof technical and physicalability that would allow our players to be confident in and out of possession.

As well as introducing four ‘Moments’, theTalent Development Program expands on strength and conditioning training, mental strength training, social-emotional development, and tactical (Onslow North Wellington way of play) knowledge.

The TDP training group has three training sessions per week in addition to their weekend game. All the players get four progress assessment every year. The assessment covers technical, physical, tactical ability, and general attitude and behaviour before/during/after training or game.

The TDP players also have to provide proof of their academic achievement. Any Academy player that is achieving below expectations will be offered additional help, or time away from training to address academic issues.

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