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NWFC is successful because of the dedication of the parents/caregivers that help support the club during the course of the season.

Below is some basic information about the help we need and the support we provide. If you’d like to be part of our future, you can contact our Assistant club manager on Assistant Club Manager for more information.


All teams need a coach and these are almost always going to be volunteer parents.  Contrary to expectations, most of our parents that choose to coach start out with little or no previous experience.

We’ll provide this.  If you can organise and communicate with children (…and we know that you can do this….) then you can coach.

We will provide all the help and support that you need, including paying for you to attend coaching courses as well as making available professional coaches to assist you during the season.


Anybody who has played or watched the beautiful game will know the value of having a half decent referee….and it is compulsory for the older age grades to have a properly qualified individual refereeing.

As with coaching, the club will happily fund your attendance on a refereeing course.

Team Manager

Are you a good organiser and great at communicating? If yes, then you are perfect for this job!!

We encourage each team to have a “manager”….somebody who can help the coach out with the administration required to get all the players to the right place, on time, each week, every week.

Talk to your coach, they will love to have someone to take some of the load so that they can focus on coaching and developing the kids.

Registration for 2022 are open & close 14th April. The regualr season will commence 7th/8th May with a later end date due to the delayed start.

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