Mini Football 9-12 years old

Mini Football (ages 9 – 12) 

What is it? 

Mini Football is for players aged 9 – 12.  Our focus at these ages is team structure, mastering ball coordination and developing technical capability.  All of this is preparation for the transition to Youth Football and a lifetime of participation.

Who is it for? 

We allocate players to a grade based on the age they will be at the end of the calendar year.  For 2021 your child will be in:

  • Grade 9 if they are born in 2013
  • Grade 10 if they are born in 2012
  • Grade 11 if they are born in 2011
  • Grade 12 if they are born in 2010

Note – Girls are eligible to play down a grade, so for example a girl born in 2011 can choose to play in Grade 10.

When & Where do we play? 

Our teams play in the Wellington/Western Zone which stretches from Miramar in the south to Ngatitoa domain in the north.

Some teams may on occasion be required to play clubs in other Wellington zones, requiring travel.  Such arrangements are normally notified in advance.

Grades 9 & 10 play two 25 minute games on a Saturday morning. These are generally played as two 12 minute halves, with a short break in the middle. Each team is comprised of seven players on the field, one of whom is the goal keeper. The team can also have a number of substitutes which allows for injury and other absences.

Grades 11 & 12 play 1 x 50 min each Saturday.  Games are 9v9 (i.e 9 players on each team).

Coaches will also arrange additional training for these teams during the week

Equipment & Clothing 

We use a mix of equipment that we supply and things that you have to buy. We try and keep the costs to a minimum so as many children as possible can get out there and play!

There are a number of great shops you can visit to get your equipment. Club specific playing kit (e.g shorts and socks) is available through Ultra Football NZ.

What does it cost? 

As a club we try and keep the costs of playing football down. The Club provides the following equipemnt for players:

  • Balls & Gear for each team.
  • 1st Aid kit
  • Playing shirt for Saturdays that is returned at the end of the season.

Player gear that you may need to get for your child.

  • Shin Pads
  • Boots or suitable footwear for Saturday football.
  • Shorts & socks
  • Drink bottle
  • Club gear that you wish to wear - This can be purchased via Ultra Football NZ

Fees are set by the Committee on an annual basis to reflect the expected costs of the season ahead.

The fees for 2022 : $165 for the season.

Registration Details

Registration for 2022 are open & close 14th April. The regualr season will commence 7th/8th May with a later end date due to the delayed start.

Coaches and Teams 

Every player is allocated to a team, with its own name and an enthusiastic volunteer coach. Wherever possible we place children with their friends because sports are most fun playing with mates. Having friends is great, but loads of children turn up every year knowing nobody and soon make friends while busy playing fun games.

Getting a good coach and playing with friends are all things that make starting out in football much easier. When registering we ask players to nominate one or two other players they may know and they would like to be with. If they are unsure of who might be playing then we will generally place them with players from their school where possible. If a player has played the previous season with us we will generally keep them with some or all of their team mates.

Safety & Code of Conduct 

We take the safety of our players and volunteers very seriously. All players MUST wear shin pads whenever they are playing or practicing.

All of our coaches, team managers and anyone with significant contact with players are also police checked as a precaution.

Our code of conduct sets out the behaviour we expect of everyone involved with football including players, coaches, and supporters. We are passionate about creating a fun, enjoyable, football experience and we expect every player and parent to play their part in making that happen. When joining the club players and their parents acknowledge and accept the terms of our code of conduct and agree to be bound by it.

Getting Involved 

If you’d like to experience football again through your children’s eyes then consider becoming a coach. The modern coach has a wealth of support material and courses that can take someone with no experience to being a fun and respected coach. It takes far less time than you might think and the rewards of seeing the pleasure and success of your team are immense. If you’re thinking about coaching but just need to talk to someone then please contact us.

More information about making a real difference at the club through volunteering can be found here

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